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Innovations in

Oral Wound Care

Taking Patient Care to a Higher Level

Wound care in dentistry has always been inadequate or, often, non-existent.  This course will emphasize the need for excellent oral wound care, outlining issues inherent to oral wounds (extractions, graft procedures, implants, etc).  A new means to provide patients safer and more effective pain relief and healing, and the practice an enhanced bottom line, will be discussed.
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One of the principals of wound care is that wounds should be dressed.
Unlike other treatments, Sockit Gel addresses all three of the issues of wound care (pain, contamination, wound healing).
Patients love the fact that Sockit Gel is all-natural, drug-free and non-toxic.
Sockit Gel is ideal for any and all procedures that require pain relief and healing, including extractions, grafting procedures, implants, etc.
Sockit Gel should be sent home with the patient for constant pain relief and wound healing.
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